Something That Marriage Changed Me

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Aug 6, 2017 21:58
My husband and I used to fight over a little thing.

It was about where to put away dishes.
Kitchen is the place where I spend most of my time, so I like to keep my kitchen appliances and dishes in the place that is easy to cook.

For example, I put the containers of sugur and salt by the oven so that I can reach out to them easily when I need them.

However, my husband used to put away those appliances and dishes in the completely different places, and I always had to take some time to find them when I wanted to use them.

I told him many times to ask me where to put away when he wasn't sure of it. Although, he always forgot to ask...

I don't know how mamy times we fought over this issue. lol

But as we spent our time together, we got to learn more about each other.

Now, he knows I like to keep things in order, so he tries to follow my rules as much as he can. I also understand that he doesn't actually care about orders, so even when I
find that he put things to where I don't want them to be, I wouldn't be as mad as I used to be! lol

Actually, I almost forgot that we used to fight over such a small thing up until today when I found some dishes were in the place that wasn't my order.

I no longer feel anything about this misplaced dishes, and I put away those dishes to where I always put them without telling my husband.

We haven't talked about this issue for a long time, so maybe I'll ask him how he feels about this! lol