Conversation between my husband and me

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Aug 4, 2017 20:48
Isn't it really hard to come up with a good topic to post here?
I could write what my day was like every day, but I think no one wants to know about it! lol
I do almost the same thing every day, and I think it's not as interesting as to write here every day! lol

So, I'm going to write the conversation between my husband and I had just now. This conversation was done in Japanese because we are both Japanese, but I translate it to English. I want you to translate it into natural English!

Here's the conversation:
(This is the conversation on the phone.)

My husband(H): Is our son awake?

Me(M): No. He's already asleep.

H: Oh, damn it...

M: Maybe he'll get up soon because he went to sleep eariler before he had dinner. He was too tired because he played without taking a nap!

H: I see. Well, I'm coming home soon.







私: すぐ起きるかも!いつもより早く寝たし、夕飯食べてないんだよね。昼寝しないで、遊んでたから疲れちゃったのかな。

夫: そうか。すぐ帰るよ。