My Mother Came Over

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Jun 1, 2017 20:24
My mother came over my place because she was off work today.

My son got overexcited since he really loves to play with his grandma.

My mother is really good at playing with small children because she used to work at a kindergarten when she was young.

Unfortunately, it was rainy today. So, we went to the mall nearby and had lunch there.

My son skipped his nap because he was busy playing with his grandma and I didn't want to ruin it. Following the daily routine is good, but sometimes it's totally okay to change the routine!

As I predicted, he cried a lot when she had to go back! But my mom looked very happy because she knew how much my son missed her. Maybe the best gift?lol

I got him to sleep earlier than usual. And he's fast asleep now.

What a good day!