Summer Vacation is Almost Over

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Aug 27, 2018 11:56
It's been quite a while since I last posted here. I've been having hard time visiting this site ever since summer vacation for my 3-year-old son started last month, but I'll be able to come back here from now because my son is back at school. His kindergarden officially starts second semister at 3th Sep, but they offer an extended day care for a week a week before it actually starts. It's not counted as an attendence, so it's all up to you whether you go or not. I decided to let him go there because I'm almost running out of any new and fun ideas to take him out in order not to get him bored. This year, we've been having record-breaking extremely hot days, so it wasn't really easy to find out places to go for my son.

However, I think we've had so much fun during his summer vacation. We went to the beach twice, played with fireworks with his close friends, visited our parents' house, and we even took him out to the playground when the weather was nice and comfortable. There are still many things we've done during this summer! I just hope that my son will remember this. lol

I'm really sorry to my friends here for not having been able to correct any of your enties while I was away from here. I'm going to correct your posts as much as I can from now!

I always try to write a Japanese version of my post because I hope it will be helpful for Japanese learners. It's not a direct translation of my English, so your corrections on my post don't have to be correspond with my Japanese version. I'm happy to get my post corrected into natural English, and I don't really care if the wording order of some of my sentences are completely changed as long as they sound natural. Please note that my Japanese isn't perfect.

Let's have fun learning together.
Thank you for reading!







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