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Dec 3, 2018 23:07
My son's kindergarten is having a school performance over 2 days on coming 5th and 6th. I wrote as "school performance", which I'm not really sure if this is the correct way of saying it, but a lot of Japanese kindergartens are having a day like this at this time of a year. It is the day when children perform a play, dance and so on. What they perform ranges depending on each kindergarten.

Since my son's kindergarten holds so many students, the day will be held over 2 days. My son's class will perform on 6th, so 5th will be an off.

First, he will perform 3 songs together with everyone who is in the first year. Then, he will do dance performance with his classmates.

I have no idea how his practice has been so far because his reply when I asked how his practice is going is always "I don't know." Today, His teacher wrote me a message saying that he has been doing pretty well on his performance practice and I should not miss it. Ah, I just can't wait!
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