It's Been a While!

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Aug 29, 2017 21:15
It's been a while since I last posted here! To be honest, it seems like my motivation to
learn English has gone somewhere. I didn't even open this site when I could. But I realized that this attitude won't make my English any better, so I'm forceing myself to write this entry!

It's already the end of August. I think I've had lots of fun with my family this summer! You
can see it when you look at tanned skin of my son! He got tanned a lot through this summer. Even though I was really careful not to expose him under too much sun rays, his skin got tanned. It seemed sunscrean didn't work for him.

I got tanned, too... I'm not happy about this because I didn't want to get tanned.
My sunscrean didn't work for me, either.

It wasn't an easy job to take my son outside to play under this boiling hot weather. But, recently, I can feel the fall in the breeze. It's getting cooler little by little. If it gets much cooler, playing in the park will no more be a hell. It was like a hell watching over my son happliy playing in the park. When he was playing in the splash pad, it was
much better, though.

Well, this post has gotten kind of mix-up! Maybe it's better to write following along a topic I choose.

Thank you for reading!
I'll post at least once a day!
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