Potty Training

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May 16, 2017 00:42
My son is two and a half years old right now. Ever since he turned two, how I should potty train him has been one of my biggest issues for me. I really want to make it through without any problems because as a mom of a terrible picky eater, I really want something that I can be proud of, and that's how quickly he can get rid of his diapers. (I don't mean I'm not proud of him, but his eating habit somehow makes me feel I did wrong on something. I got over this thought because it may be running in our family!)

First I started letting him in the training pants which are a bit thicker than the normal pants to hold pee making him uncomfortable when it's wet. Well, at the first he didn't like it but soon he got used to it and he never let me know he got wet.

At this point I gave up and put him back in diapers because I thought it was no meaning.

Then I fount out another way. This is the way I found on the Internet and it worked right for him. You just have to take away all the bottoms when at home! Of course when going out, he put on normal pants, not thicker one, but right after he peeed.
Surprisingly, I could see the diffrence from the first day. He seemed to hold his pee to the point he could handle it. I was really amazed to see that because that was not I'd seen when he was in the pants. After that was really easy because all I had to do is take him to the toilet. For the first four days, he resisted to go to the toilet and failed on the floor, but at the night on the fifth day, he made in on the toilet and after that he's been doing pretty good!

Today was his sixth day, and he got in his normal pants and he started to tell he needs to go to the toilet beforehands!
What an improvement!

I'm so happy about this.