Will I be a Princess?

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Aug 1, 2018 12:05
I haven't posted here for a long time! I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to correct anyone's entries for a while. Ever since summer vacation for my 3-year-old son started, it's been difficult to have some time to come visit this site.

However, I've got lots of things that I've wanted to write about here, and I'm going to share one of the funniest stories of them!

As I've already written above, I'm a mother of a 3-year-old boy who is in the kindergarten. Japanese kindergarten usually offers three years of day care for children among the age of 3-6. He's been in the first year of it since last April.

Ever since he entered his kindergarten, he's been picking up lots of new information and things that I haven't even taught him yet.

Here's what happened a while ago, which burst me into laughter!
It was a bit early to talk about Chrismas presents, but at that time my son kept telling me what he wanted for Chrismas. I guess that was the main topic among his friends at kindergarten at that time. One day, he suddenly asked me what I wanted for Chrismas. Since I couldn't come up with any other funny ideas, I honestly said that I wanted a new bag, new clothes and new pretty shoes. I'm not really sure what made him think so, but he said "Mom, you want to be a princess!" Then, he dashed to a window and opened it, shouted at the sky saying "Hey, Mr. Santa, my mom wants Princess kit".

I was really lucky that no one was outside! lol

Even though this happened a while ago, I can't help but laugh when I remenber it.

Thank you so much for reading so far. Even though I've tried to make this post short, it's gotten long, and I just hope my writing is natural.

I've written a Japanese version of this post as well because I hope it will be a good help for Japanese learners. It's not a direct translation of my English, so your corrections don't have to be correspond with my Japanese.
Thank you!