Kamen Rider

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Jan 7, 2019 23:01
Have you ever heard of Kamen Rider?
Kamen Rider is one of the Japanese popular TV special effects series that has been attracting hundreds of children over many years. It first came out 1971, and since then it has been remade on and off.
For the past 20 years, this Kamen Rider series are made annually drawing lots of children's attention. Especially, this year's series has been very exciting because it is the last Kamen Rider of heisei era. In Japan, the name of an era will change as the current Emperor will abdicate in next May. In the current Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider, a main character, gets the power from the past Kamen Riders. This means even if you are already grown out of this TV series, you might be able to get back the excitement you felt as a child because Kamen Rider who you once were crazy about will also show up in this series.
My 4-years-old son, now, has been all about Kamen Rider. Even though he hasn't watched the past Kamen Rider series, he can already say every name of the past ones. He remembered all of them from his friends and TV commercial of the latest Kamen Rider movie in which they introduce every Rider for the past 20 years.
There are also tons of Kamen Rider toys, which started to bother me a little....