The words you should avoid at the beginning of your sentence

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Dec 3, 2018 12:01
As for writing an English journal or essay, I've learned there are some particular words you should not use at the beginning of your sentence. For example, but, because, and, and so. I think you will have to follow this rule if your writing is more for a formal occasion. I guess this rule doesn't always have to be applied to your every single writing because not everyone is writing formally. I guess people will write more casually on SNS , so I suppose those English are more like colloquial speech.

Even though what I write here is not supposed to be formal, I try to write along the rules of English writing because I believe that having the right knowledge is important. I understand that I don't always need to be right, though.

As I mentioned above, words like "but", "because", "and" and "so" are the words people might find it non applicable to use in the beginning of you sentence. How about the word "yet"? Is it okay to use "yet" in the same meaning as "However" at the beginning of your sentence especially when you are writing for a formal occasion?