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Feb 26, 2015 22:19
It's about 10 p.m. here in Japan.

I'm taking a little break for myself since my son went to sleep.

I think he's a good sleeper. He hasn't gotten fussy once he goes to sleep at night, which helps me a lot because it means I can have some time to relax at night. It doesn't bother me at all how much he gets fussy during the daytime except he sleeps at night. I feel I'm quite lucky. Yet, no one knows if he starts grizzling at night.

I think he slept over 11 hours today! So, it was a easy day for me.

You might find what I wrote boring, but I just wanted to write something here even though I couldn't find an intersting topic..

Thank you for reading.
I promise I'll write something intersting next time.