Please Don't Ruin His Sleep!

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Jul 6, 2015 07:34
Today, my son woke up at the same time as my husband did. However, my son, who seemed to be still sleepy, got fussy, so I soothed him to get him sleep again.
He soon went to sleep again and I put him in his crib.

Then, I started packing my husband's lunch and after finishing it, I said to my husband who was shaving his beard that I'd go sleep again. (It was still 5! And I was desperately sleepy.)

After a while since I went to bed, I heard my husband came in to the bedroom. I was lying down in my bed, and my son was on his crib. My son seemed to go deep sleep completely, but I was just in a drowse so I was kind of listening to what my husband was doing.

Well, I heard him going closer to my son's crib, whispering ”Your daddy is leaving. Be a good boy”. Then, I heard him trying to get my son on his(my son's) back. (I don't know exactly what he was trying. I'm just assuming.) I guess my husband just wanted to keep my son in place where he thought was safe! (Again, I'm not sure, but I guess my son was sleeping on his side.)

Then, the next thing I heard was the crying voice of my son.

So, I opened my eyes and looked around, and all I found was my husband standing a
little bit away from the crib, making a face as if he had done nothing. lol

My husband who seemed sorry for me said nothing, so I said ”Oh, he's just unhappy because he's ruined” in a sarcastic way. lol

My husband said ”I'm sorry”. Then he left.

I really understand that he didn't mean to ruin my son's sleep, but I got a bit upset because I was sleepy, too. lol

Well, after 30 minutes or so, I was able to get my son sleep again!

That's what happened this morning.
I thought you would find this funny.

Maybe I should text my husband because he seemed a bit down when he left home.

Thank you for reading.