If you could rewind the time

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Apr 24, 2018 21:33
I did this, again!
Even though I made up my mind to post here as much as possible, the last entry is like a month ago! No wonder my English skills aren't getting any better...

By the way, it's been over a week since my son entered a kindergarten, and I'm really glad that he enjoys his new life! I was worried if he wouldn't stop crying when the bus picks him up, but he just cried only once and from the following days, he's been doing okay.

The first day after he left, being alone in our quiet room, I missed him a lot. It was really strange that I even missed his voice that I usually don't appreciate a lot. lol
It's funny that now I feel more relaxed after seeing him off! lol

I've found that there is going to be a lot of fun
events coming up at the kindergarten, and I really hope he's going to have fun with them.

But, it's really strange but I'm a little jealous with him because the life of the kindergarten seems so much fun!

I wish I could rewind the time and go back to kindergarten again! If I could brought my brain right now, it's much better because I could enjoy my life again with my experience! lol

By the way, if you could rewind the time, which one of your lifestages woud you want to be?