My son always wins

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Aug 30, 2017 17:38
Last Monday, I was going to have a slow and easy day, so I just decided to do some grocery shopping instead of taking my son to the park. Outside was still humid, and I thought he also needed a relaxing day.

Before we actually went out, I told my son over and over that we were only going to shop, and he seemed to understand it.

However, when he ran out of the house and saw his bike, he started to say that he would be going to the park riding his bike.

No matter how much I told him that we were just doing grocery shopping, he wouldn't listen to me.

After 20 minutes of argument, I ended up acceping his opinion and we headed to the park.

He never changes his opinion once he thinks that's the way he wants. He always beats me. Maybe he thinks I'm easy?

But I'm worried that if he goes on like this, he will just be selfish.
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