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Jul 14, 2014 17:48
I haven't been posting here for a while.
I' don't have good excuses about this, because I was just putting it off!

I'm such a procrastinator!

I'm going to write about my make up tutorial today. Since I've watched so many YouTubers doing their make up tutorial on their channel, I thought it would be good practice for me to do on Lang8.

(Actually, I'm not so good at putting makeup on. I'm just doing this here for practicing English.)

So, let's begin. :)

First, I put on lotion and moisturizer to moisturize my skin so that my makeups don't come off easily.
Then, I put on make up base all over my face. I usually use green base which is really helpful to cover my red face make my skin much fairer. It might sound strange to you but my cheek and top of my nose are usually a bit red, and I don't really like it actually.
After finishing putting on make up base, then I put on foundation and powder.
Then I draw my eyebrow. I use a brown eyebrow.
And, as for eye shadow, I apply gold eye shadow first all over my eye lids, and then I apply brown eye shadow at the edge of my eye lids making it look like a brown and gold gradation.
Then, I draw black liquid eye liner. This is the most difficult part of all the process of makeups because eye line can be messed up if I blink while I'm drawing the line. So, I have to make sure not to blink while drawing lines.
After drying up the lines, I use a eyelush curler, and apply black mascara at both upper and bottom eyelushes.
Then, I put light pink brush on my cheeks, and put on pink beige lipstick.

That's all about my make up tutorial.

This time I'll skip to write in Japanese because I'm having Skype English lesson now!

Thank you for reading my entry. :)
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