Trip to Hiroshima :)

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Jul 3, 2014 16:49

I'm going to Hiroshima for a few days with my husband from tomorrow!:)
We're going to take *a bullet train from Tokyo at around 6 pm after he finishes his work, and head for Hiroshima! It's going to be about 4 hours trip to Hiroshima from Tokyo. Since we're going to have lots of time during the trip to Hiroshima, we'll be enjoying delicious *eki-ben (obento) dinner which is available in Tokyo station.

*a bullet train is a kind of special rapid train, and we usually take this train when we go travel, business trip,or whenever we need a faster transportation, because it so fast. The fee of the ticket is a lot more expensive than other trains. We call it "Shinkansen 新幹線."

*eki-ben is basically food in a lunch box that is available only in stations. I think most of the big stations in Japan sell their original eki-ben using local foods. But, you know, Tokyo station have most of all eki-ben around Japan because it's such a huge station.

It'll be over 10 pm when we arrive at Hiroshima, so we'll stay at a hotel near Hiroshima station and get ready for sightseeing from the next day.

We'll be visiting Miyajima, the most popular destination of Hiroshima having lots of beatiful scenery, history, and most of all Itsukushima shrine! Itsukushima shrine is registerd as one of the historical heritages. I can't explain enough how beautiful the shrine is with my English, so I put the link below and if you're interested, please check it out.


Hopefully, we would like to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
But, we'll be only walking around a park neayby called Heiwakinen koen (Peace Memorial Park), because inside of the Museum is filled with sad memories of WW2, which might be shocking for me.
I'd like to visit there after delivering a baby though!

This trip to Hiroshima will be our last trip by two of us alone for a while.
We wanted to go somewhere we've haven't been to yet and reasonable to go because of my pregnancy, and Hiroshima is our perfect choice!
(4 hours trip is not that bad for me.:)

I'm going to write about how the trip woud go after coming back.

Thank you for reading my post. :)










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