Valentine's Day

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Feb 12, 2015 17:59
Valentine's day is coming in 2 days.

In Japan, Valentine's day is the day when girls show their affections for the boys by giving them chocolates, which is called ”本命チョコ”. ”本命” means real or genuine, and ”チョコ” is short for ”チョコレート” which is ”chocolate”. So ”本命チョコ” means chocolate with genuine love.
So, it's the very important day for girls who have crush on somebody.

Well, other than giving chocolates to someone you love, there are some unique rituals.

One of them is what we call ”義理チョコ”. If literally translated, it's ”obligation chocolates”. The obligation chocolates don't have any specific porpose like giving someone ”本命チョコ”. We give it to the men by obligation, so it doesn't mean that the girls are interested in them in romantic way. Basically, we give it to male colleages and boss who work at same department. As the Valentine's day comes closer, whether to give obligation chocolates to male co-workers or not is big topic among women.

This obligation chocolate ritual may not be a happy thing for men, though. On 14th of March, which is called ”White day”, men have to give women something in return of Valentine's day. They are usually candies or cookiees.

Well, the office where I used to work, I had three female co-workers and four male co-workers in the same department. I know it's not fair, but we girls gave one chocolate for each male. :p So, they just got one chocolate from three of us. However, they all gave us some nice candies and cookiees in return on White day! So, we got four! lol

It's not all about Valentine's day, but it's got long, so I'll post the rest of this post next time!