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Jul 9, 2014 18:22
I came back from short trip to Hiroshima a few days ago.
The whole trip was so amazing that we enjoyed beautiful scenery of Miyajima and tons of delicious food! ;)

During the trip, I took lots of pictures and also filmed a lot.

I'm going to edit them and make a short video of this trip with English narration, and hopefully, I'd like to post it on my YouTube channel so that you'll be able to watch what Miyajima is like while it'll be good practice for me to speak English!

You know, I AM REALLY BAD at COMPUTERS, so I guess it's going to take time to make it, though.

See how it goes.♪(^^♪

By the way, I felt my English have became a bit rusty when the last skype lesson after coming back from the trip. I couldn't catch up what the teacher was saying which would probably be possible for me to do so before the trip. ( Actually, the teacher speaks fast but I used to be able to follow her speed.) But, at that lesson, my brain didn't work and I did really bad. X(

So I need to get back my routine to learn English as soon as possible!

And, I feel sorry that I haven't been checking posts of my friend's here.

I'll be posting as much as I used to, and also I'd like to correct your entries!









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