Valentine's Day 2

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Feb 13, 2015 13:33
This post is a continuation from the previous post.

Aside from ”本命チョコ” and ”義理チョコ” rituals, there's a ritual called ”友チョコ”. ”友” is short for ”友達”, which means ”friend”, and ”チョコ” is short for ”chocolate”. This ritual is mainly done by teenage students, and they exchange chocolates each other!

Back in high school, I made lots of chocolates and wrapped them in fancy bags to exchange with friends.

I got lots of chocolates from my friends, eating each a day was my favorite time because I couldn't eat them all at once.

Since Valentine's Day is Saturday this year, a lot of girls have decided to buy themselves a chocolate instead of giving the one to someone else.

I've decided to make white chocolate cakes for my husband.