My son is funny!

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Aug 5, 2017 23:00
Sometimes I take my son out for a little walk in the evenings when we happen to come across a bunch of groups of elementary school children going back to their home.
(This is just for a note, but it's common to commute to and from school by groups made with members who happens to live closer to avoid to be involved in crime scene. When I was in elementary school, I didn't have this system so I went to school with my close friends, not with someone who lived closer.)

I have no idea what made my son do this, but when he finds the bunch of elementary school children's groups passing by, his face turns bright as he was waiting for this, and he dashes towards them before I stop him, and asks them to give him a high five.

They look confused when he says ”give me high five”. I really understand their reaction because to them, a happy toddler that they have no idea who this is suddenly come by and asks them for high five like they are his life long friend. I assume this is something that you don't know how to react. lol

Some children just passes by, but some children give him a hive five. When he gets it, he looks satisfied.

I wouldn't say he's shy, but he's not always so active to intract with people who happen to meet for the first time. However, to those school children, wether it's first time or not, he never gets shy.

I've been wondering why is this. lol He got really grumpy when we attended to a music class for the first time. And everybody at the class thought he was a little bit

He can speak well for his age, but I don't get any reasonable reasons for this from him. Maybe it's fun? But I'm a bit embrrassed. lol
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