Watch Your Back!

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Jul 3, 2015 09:07
Last night, just when my husband got back home, my son was finally able to sit up by himself!
We both got so excited and tried to take the best picture of our son's first memorial moment.

However, my son suddenlly lost his balance and fell over backwards, bumping his head a little.

He burst into tears and cried for a while.
I said to him ”I'm sorry, sweetie! We should have been more careful!” over and over.

We should have put a cushoin behind his back before we went so crazy about taking pictures!

By the way, my husband was filming the whole insident. We watched it after my son was soothed, and we couldn't help but to laugh! He was totally adorable.

Since last night, he's been trying to sit up all by himself. And I've been keeping an eye on him more and more!