The hardest things of parenting

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May 23, 2016 22:37
Today, I took a off from work because my son's fever since last night hadn't gotten any better. So, I took him to a hospital and he was prescribed some medicines.
The doctor told me that it was just a cold, which made me relieved, but when I was told that he should stay at home until his fever goes down, another worry came up in my mind. Since I work in shifts at a pre-school, taking a off for the sudden reason like this means someone will have to cover my shifts instead of me. And I feel really guilty about this. That is being said, nothing is more important than my son's health for now, I made a call to my boss to ask for another off tomorrow. She sounded nice and said ”Take care”, but I still feel really guilty. Even though my husband told me to not think that way, this doesn't make me feel any better because I want to work on my job with responsibility and I don't want to take sudden offs as much as possible. I'm a part timer, but whether or not you work full or part time doesn't count. We need to be responsible for our job regardless of how long we work.

Jaggling work and parenting is harder than it seemed at first. Just thinking that this is just the tip of the iceberg makes me wonder if I can truly make it through.