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May 28, 2016 23:14
I've been telling the children in our class to sit nicely on their chairs since I started to work as an assistant teacher at a pre-school. I naturally thought ”sit nicely” was a phrase that native English speakers would use, but a question came up in my mind: Does ”sitting nicely on their chairs” means a lot in their countries as well? Growing up in Japan, I've been told many times to sit nicely on my chair during classes. Personaly, I think it's probobly because we put so much enphasis on being polite or acting nicely to someone and sitting nicely is considered as the attitude that we should have when we are listening to the teachers in the class.

Telling children to sit nicely on their chairs is one of the disciplines, and I guess lots of Japanese teachers have been telling their students to sit nicely or ”ちゃんと座って” in Japanese.

Does this always happen to other counties?
Did your teachers or even your mom tell you to sit nicely when you were little?

This questions might be silly, but I'm curious about this somehow.