Unhappy Year

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Jan 11, 2019 14:11
In Japan, we have some superstitions that have been believed for a very long time despite they are true or not. Even though I've lived in Japan since I was born, I don't think I can explain in details of all the superstitions in Japan because they can be regional. One of the superstitions that I'm going to write on this post is ”厄年”, unhappy year. I personally never cared about this so seriously until recently. My parents have kept telling me that I should go to a temple or shrine to ward off bad luck because this year would be my unhappy year. A long long time ago in Japan, people believed that early 30's are the age when women should take care of theirselves and early 40's for men. This thought has been handed down over years and people in Japan go to a temple or a shrine to drive off their bad luck when they hit the age. Of course, some people don't care about this at all.
I'm turning 32 this year, and 32 years old is supposed to be the age for women that they should get rid of their bad luck at a temple or shrine.
I'm not a spiritual person, but I came to think that I need to go to a temple because a bad thing that made me feel that I was unlucky had happened after New Year's day came. When I was helping my mother making breakfast while we were visiting my parents house, I accidentally cut my left baby finger. It blooded a lot. Now, it's getting better but still the scar is a bit deep. It looks like it's going to take a little while to completely heal.

This Sunday, I'm going to a temple to ward off my bad luck!