Memory of Grand Canyon

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Feb 12, 2015 04:51
I've realised that it's been a year since we went on our honeymoon to L.A. This time last year, I never imagimed that I would give birth to our frist child. Well, we'll never know what will happen in the future.

The profile picture was taken when we took a tour to Grand Canyon while we were on our honeymoon.

The tour was hosted by a Japanese company, so we were attended by a Japanese guide who had been in America for a very long time.

I was so excited to go to the Grand Canyon because it was like now-or-never chance for us.

We had to get up very early in the morning on the day we were going there because it was supposed to take 2 hours to the Grand Canyon from L.A.

My husband looked so excited when we got on a small jet that would take us to the distination. Becoming a pilot was what he had wanted to be, and the small jet seemed to remind him of his old passion because we could see a cockpit from our seat.

The view from the jet was stunning. We enjoyed beautiful scenery as we got closer to the Grand Canyon.

After the jet landed on an airport, we got off the jet. It was chillier than we had thought, and we didn't put on any coat or jacket. We had to bear the coldness all the way. lol

We got on a tour bus because Grand Canyon is located a bit further from the air port. As I wrote above, the guide is a Japanese woman. She looked talkative and cheerful.

Well, it's got a bit long and I've got more to write, so I'll post the rest of the story on the next post!

Tkank you for reading.