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Feb 20, 2015 10:40
I put on make-up for the first time in about 2 weeks. I feel a bit unsettled in this make-up. Since I've been doing household chores and childrearing ever since I gave birth to my son, I haven't had any chances to put make-up on. It's kind of strange to think about that I was working this time last year, putting on thicker make-up. Now, I almost forget how to apply those make-up items that I bought at MAC, that cute fancy store, and other stores I thought it was ”in”, which turned out that I feel out of place being those stores any more. .

As things have changed a lot, I've chanced a lot!

By the way, it's the big day for my son today!
He's having vaccines for the first time in his life. Since this is also our first time going to a hospital with just two of us, I already prepared everything that we would need to have vaccines last night.

I've been pumped since this morning wondering how my son would react after getting shots. He will be screaming out loud, anyways.

I'll post about how his first vaccination goes afterwards!

Have a nice day!