My first and last job

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Oct 19, 2012 02:46 job dogs
I've been a dog walker for eight months, since 13 February till yesterday. I had never worked before since I gave University up, so it was my first job. I found the job advert in the newspaper, I love animals, so I called inmediately. The owner told me I was too young to walk her dogs (I didn't know there was a right age for that...sarcasm...). Some months later I had a call from her asking me if I was still interested in the job and I I started a few days later.

I had to walk her 4 dogs one hour from monday to friday and 2 hours on alternative fridays. The woman didn't pay me too much but it was ok till I was looking for more jobs.

The biggest dog was called Kimba, she was very loving and faithful but at the same time she was crazy and a little agressive. She bit me twice and the owner did nothing, not even ask me how I was after that.

The other two were small but the olders. Zanda was very shy and fearful but Cuca was the opposite. The last one was my favourite beause reminded me of one of my cats.

I had problems and arguements with the owner because of the agressive dog during all this time till she decided to fire me in a really coward way...sendig me a text message. After talking to her about it she asked me to come back but obviously I had to say NO WAY!

I don't appreciate her at all but I really miss the dogs, even the one which bit me...

That's my sad and boring story about my first job...Hope you don't fall asleep reading :) If you've read till the end...congrats!! :):)