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Oct 15, 2012 04:48 Asturias Spain Peñas cape
As I don't know what to talk about, I'm going to describe my area. Aturias is in the north of Spain, between Galicia and Cantabria. The Atlantic Ocean is above and Castilla y León is below.

Most people that I've talked to think Spain is sunny and hot. Well, this is true in some areas, but not in the north. The weather here is most similar to UK weather: cold winters, cloudy and rainy most days but maybe hotter summers. We have the two oposites, I mean, beach and mountains, and much variety of trees, plants and wildlife in general. There are some endangered animals which are typical here and not in the rest of Spain: asturcón (a small and black wild horse) and capercaillies. There are wolves, bears, foxes, lynxes and many more. This is full of forests of different kind of trees.

Here we speak a "dialect" called 'asturiano/bable' but it's still not recognized as official language.

I think the most beautiful scene to see here is the Peñas cape, a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It's really windy and cold even in summer but it's worth it because you can see a very nice sunset while you're sitting on the ground.

I could talk about Asturias for hours but I think it's enough for now! If you want to know more you will have to come! It's a nice place to visit, not only because I live here...or maybe so?

P.S: some pics of Peñas cape from google.