what cause people move to other country

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May 14, 2009 09:55
There are several reason cause people move to other country.

First of all, Because their job they have to move to another country. For example, the China and Taiwan has become trading recently, some father have to leave home for long time. Some people get divorce because they have another woman outside.

Second, some people retire and they have plenty of money, they almost work all life in the city, they want to take a rest and slow their peace, so they want to move to urban or country to live their older life such as move to Canada or Unite state instead of live in Taipei city.

Finally, the disaster reason cause people move to another country. For instead, some of people like to gambling, they force to leave their home ,or they will be kill. Some people house was be destroy by storm. They also need to find a new place to live.

all in all, most people want to live a better life. we want some thing
new and fresh, but I think I love my hometown and like to explore the
wonderland all over the other