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I'm a 59-year-old American. I was a mathematics professor, and then a programmer. Now I only do part time work. I like music and literature from various different countries. I am especially fond of traditional music. I play Baroque music and folk music on the recorder. I also like to write.

添削の形式 (Correction Conventions and Format)

Briefly, I use red when some change is necessary, and blue to indicate an optional change.

I indicate a change in red when the sentence is simply incorrect as it stands and something must be changed. It may be just be a word which is misspelled, in which case I highlight the changes in red, or an error in grammar or word choice, in which case I replace the incorrect words and type the replacement words in red. I also cross out words which must be omitted using red. The problem with just crossing out letters without changing the color is that it is sometimes very hard to see when a single letter has been crossed out.

I use blue when what I am replacing is correct, but when I think a change makes the sentence a lot more natural.

Finally, I suggest some alternative ways of writing parts of the sentence, when there are several ways which I think are more or less equally good. I also do this when I think the sentence was pretty good as it was written, and I just want the writer to be aware of other choices he or she might have made. In these alternative phrases I usually highlight the changed words in blue to make it easy to see what phrases I am suggesting as alternatives. The list of alternatives is enclosed in square brackets: [...] .

いくつかの英語の語法についての日記 (Some Entries about English Usage and Grammar)

How Questions are Formed

Verbs having to do with Seeing (「見る」の英訳)

Verbs having to do with Speaking (英語の発言動詞)

Prepositions Used with Time Phrases

The Past Participle

Simple Past, Present Perfect and Past Perfect Tenses

Using Present and Past Participles of Verbs as Adjectives

漫画やアニメ (Manga and Anime)
とあるポストモダン芸術のアニメ (A Postmodern Anime)

映画 (Movies)

猫 (Cats)

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フルートを習う (Learning to Play the Flute)

独学でフルートを勉強しています。 I'm teaching myself to play the flute. I'm learning how to play the flute on my own. 子供の頃からリコーダーとクラリネットを吹いてい...
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  • Japanese 
Mar 13, 2014 12:13

フルートを練習する(2) With native lang

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  • Japanese 
Mar 4, 2014 02:57

フルートを練習する With native lang

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  • Japanese 
Mar 4, 2014 02:43

Il me faut pratiquer la flûte chaque jour si je veux devenir capable d'en...

Il me faut pratiquer la flûte chaque jour si je veux devenir capable d'en bien jouer.
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Mar 4, 2014 02:22

どちらが自然ですか? With native lang

あなたがいなくて寂しい。あなたがいないので寂しい。 あなたに会えなくて寂しい。あなたに会えないので寂しい。
  • 879
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  • Japanese 
Nov 7, 2013 01:03
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What a strange expression!
If you find any strange expressions in English or Chinese in the lang-8 system, please let us k...

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Thank you.
He is a very caring and passionate person!
Thank you so much for kindly adding me as your friend and help me a lot! Tony is a very nice teacher! His explanation is very accurate and professional :)
Thank you so much!