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Sep 11, 2013 03:26
Last Friday the show "Voice" started again on TV. It was very popular show in Russia last autumn. It's look like truthfully and honestly.
In first season was very intense fight. In quarterfinal was difficult choosed between participants. All singers were magnificent. Singers with very good voice were famous in each city of our country.
The winner of season one acted on Eurovision 2013 ( - first premiere). Her name is Dina Garipova. She has a magic voice (see and and ).
Bilan and Pelagea behaves as children. All emotion is on they faces.
The jury of second season remained same what was in first season. I hoped that the jury will exchange. First performance in first program this season surprised us. He's a favourite of course. Look - since 1:30 (For Chinese friends -
It's very interesting project.