Tsaritsyno Park

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Sep 28, 2012 20:24 tsaritsyno park
It's my favourite place in Moscow. Till 2007 the main palace was destroyed (see photo). In 2007 government of Moscow selected money and the main palace was restored. Many people visit Tsaritsyno after restoring. But I don't like when many people are in one place. Often I went to park and took a photos. Mini fortress is in the depth of park.
Bazhenov and Kazakov was built ensemble for Russian empress Ekaterina II (Great) in XVIII century. Each building have monogram EII (see photo). But Ekaterina II never went to park.

I tried use on-line translator less.
I hope you interested it.
It's a pity I don't attach more than 3 photos.
See more:
http://www.tsaritsyno.net/ru/photo/ - photo on official site (very beautiful photos)
or in google search "tsaritsyno"