I'm An Engineer!!!

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Jul 3, 2013 03:37
Hey, I'm here! Do (or did?) you remember me? I think I forgot English... But I'm an engineer!!! June, 20th I protect my diploma work (?) and I'll receive diploma on next week.
We have some traditions (only Bauman Moscow State Technical University). First: after protection you carry white helmet where you and your friends draw name of department and drawings relating to specialty. Second: you go on the bridge through Yauza (Яуза - river in Moscow, inflow of the Moskva River), you drink champagne from a tube (where you carried drafts 6 years) and throw tube in river. Third: you ride on basin. Yeah, usual aluminum basin for washing! =) It everything is cheerful! =)
More photos here http://dmitryl68.livejournal.com/140038.html, http://zyalt.livejournal.com/807901.html, http://ria.ru/photolents/20130701/946852286_946850371.html