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Oct 25, 2012 03:57
My favourite actor
My favourite actor is James Eugene «Jim» Carrey. I love it for that, he is a person happiness, having looked at it at once is cheered up. And its films it is art. IT to us so prolonged years life. James Yudzhin Kerri was born on January 17, 1962 in the city of Nyyumarket, Canada. His parents were Cathleen Kerri and Percy Kerri. Jim has elder sisters Pat and Rita, and big brother John. Jim grew in a Catholic family. Irish, Scots, Frenchmen were his ancestors, and initially its surname sounded as Karre. Jim had a difficult childhood, because of financial problems. BUT it already then amused the schoolmates and parodied many celebrities. In 15 years his father Percy Kerri brought Jim into the comedy Yak-yak club in the city of Toronto. Its debut appeared failure, it was catcalled and didn't act within two years. Kerry remembers: My father brought me into the town under the name "Yak-yak" to Toronto as soon as to me it was executed 15, and I did number which we wrote together. I stepped on the stage, and I remember the owner of the club, standing up for a scene with a microphone and muttering: «Awfully boringly, awfully boringly, awfully boringly …», or something like it. On me there was one of these as they there are called, poliesterovy suits and the audience practically showered me with rotten eggs.
Only in 1979 Jim decided to act repeatedly. This time it was waited by success. Jim is one of the most highly paid comedians of the USA. The first leading roleMark Kendall in the film «Once bitten».
The owner of two and the nominee on six «Gold globes», the nominee on the award BAFTA, and also the owner of some other awards. In mass media the set of times was noted that by Kerry never for the career was put forward on "Oscar". My most favourite films it is «The Mask», (1994) where he plays Stanley Ipkiss and «Yes man» (2008). It the best and favourite