Choose a teacher you admire and explain why you admire him or her.Please include specific examples and details in your explanation.

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Sep 24, 2012 18:16
practice for TOEFL.
I wrote down a simple essay. Please correct.

A teacher I admire is a communication teacher when I was a high school student. He tought me how to communicate with a lot of people. It could make me very happy because I was able to make many friends through good communication. Good communication with others made me more well-rounded, and I started to think about things with an open mind. With this experience, I soon noticed my self growth and I started to deal with people better. So I was able to make more friends and I felt better about myself. In fact I became more polite and diplomatic with this experience.
In addition, by getting familiar with many kinds of ideas, we can grow our community faster than ever. I appreciated it.
Therefore I admire a communication teacher.