Clarify job conditions

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Oct 22, 2018 05:59
Good morning.
I have read your email and, sincerely, to move in another country to live and work, I need other conditions.
I appreciate that your firm provides an apartment, but, as I told you in the previous emails, I can't live 6 months to another person that I don't know and share one room, for privacy and other reasons, so I looked for some other apartments (and I didn't find one room apartment for less than 300-350 €).
And, for sure, I need to live for 6 months in Tallin.
Here in Turin I have a job that allows me to pay the rent and all the expenses to live, but I am very interested to move abroad to improve my skills in BIM, and for this reasons I contacted you because your firm works in interesting project and I think that it can be allow me to grow in my professional careers, but I can't move for less than xxx €, because, in other way, I can't afford it,

Thank you for your time and consideration