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Nov 4, 2018 20:24
You can see that my professional experience was improve in local and not in big firms or companies, where most of their work was on private projects, such as construction or renovation of houses and apartments, or, in the public sector, I worked on projects such as urban redevelopment or exhibitions.
For these reasons I never deal with complexity projects, but I want to improve my professional skills and I think that it can be possible outside Italy.
I started this postgraduate professional Master in BIM because I want to grow professionally and, when I find your open position in architectural assistant, I think that your projects were very interesting and that reflect what I want to do in my professional future.
My professional experience involves only small project, but because I want more for my career, I decided to specialize in BIM and research abroad because here in Italy it is not so diffuse.
These is why I sent my CV for your architectural assistant open position, I have never worked on complexity projects, but I am ready to this challenge.