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Mar 10, 2015 01:48
I like to help people and know different cultures. When I travel to Brazil, I didn't enter in some organizations, but I liked to help and know the people that lived in "favelas", in particular the children. In Italy, I like to help the people and the children and I tooking part in the little organization of my Church .I love also animals, so every Sunday morning I go to kennel of my city to help the cats and dogs that live there. Moreover, I like to use my social network (facebook) to contact more people to involving in these events (adoption of animals, charity events, or more).
I just finished my studies of architecture and my dream is travel to poor countries to help poor people. About my professional area, I want to help poor people to build by themself their houses, using some simples but efficients technologies that I want to teach them, like build houses that can resist to earthquakes or to floods.