Some informations I have to send to my company

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Jun 22, 2018 01:28
Good afternoon,
I have told with my coordinator, so, the indications to start the internship are:

- Register here (link with website). After registration, you will receive access codes.

- With these access codes, you need to request the internship agreement. This is a contract to be stipulated between the company and the Politecnico di Milano that will regulate all the internships.

- Then, you need to fill out the internship document. (The Internship Document defines and describes the content of a certain internship. It has to be signed by all parties and delivered to Politecnico di Milano on time before the starting date of the internship or the candidate will not be covered by accident insurance and public liability insurance).

It is necessary have my ID student. It is 123456

Below, I foward the original email that it sent to me my coordinator. It is in italian, but you can find all the necessary links.
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