Answer to a Job-related email

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Sep 13, 2018 08:38
Good morning,
first of all, thank you for your consideration.
I am an architect, I am passionate about architecture and design and, given the advent of BIM method in recent years, especially in Italy, I decided to attend the postgraduate professional Master's in BIM at the Politecnico di Milano, in order to deepen the use of this method.
This Master's course involves a internship of at least 550 h (about 4 months).

I would be interested in practice it in the UK because the use of BIM is much more widespread and consolidated than in Italy. Through the internship I would like to work in contact with BIM professionals, just like BIM Managers / coordinators / specialists to put into practice all that I have gained during the course.
During the months of lessons, we studied the theory of BIM and we started to put it into practice with some exercises in the classroom, and this internship would have the aim of strengthening the practical part in the world of work.

What I would like is see and learn how the BIM process works in real projects and in the different phases (even if the duration of the internship would not allow to follow a complete project, I would commit myself to learning as much as possible).
In particular, being an architect, I would be interested in deepen into the architectural design part, even though during the Master we also saw the MEP and structural parts.

I consider very interesting the projects carried out by your firm, both for your approach and the different types of buildings, and would allow me to work and learn in a stimulating and constructive reality for my path.
My goal for the future is still to be able to make a career in BIM and to work in the UK.