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Nov 5, 2018 17:08
I collaborated with the architecture firm of Maurizio Belli only to participate at this competition.
It was an architecture competition to design innovative schools in different places in Italy.
We were a team of six people.
We chose the Albenga city, in Liguria region.
The main idea is based in using flexible and modular forms.
We chose the trapezoidal form because we could connect two or more modules together from the sides, and create different spaces for different uses.
For example, one module could be a classroom or the school offices, two modules could create the labs. More modules could used to create library or the civic center.
In this project we focused the attention also in the sustainability and the use of materials.
We decided to use photovoltaic panels on the roof, and a rain water recovery system to use for watering the vegetation, in particular during the hot summers. We create wood sunblind to protect the spaces inside from the sunrays and ensure comfort.
In the area we created two zones: one only for the student with classrooms, school offices, library, and one also for the population with public library, open theatre, auditorium, and it can be used for host events, but only when the school is closed for the security of the students.
Important in this project is the use of vegetation, because it improves air quality, create comfortable zones during the sunny days, and also could be used by the student to study in a comfortable place, they can profit this context, that is very different from the old school, where the students only have a small concrete courtyard.