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Nov 3, 2018 21:14
I collaborated with Fondazione Contrada until August 2018. I worked in the 3D modelling of a project redevelopment in the historical center of Camagnola, a village near Turin.
The public spaces were in the bad conditions, for example there were broken sidewalks, no security pedestrian crossings, little public furniture, no car and bike parking.
In this redevelopment project, the attetion was focused to improve the conditions of the historical center, valorising the historical buildings located in Via Fratelli Vercelli and Largo Vittorio Veneto, creating new secure and illuminated pedestrian crossings, new car and bike parking and repairing the sidewalks.
I worked in the 3D modelling, comparing the before and after works with images, and this was showed to the administrative office of Turin to have the final approval.
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