Description of my Masters degree thesis

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Jun 13, 2018 16:02
A plot of land at Superquadra 207 North, in Brasilia, is located in an urban
setting and is not financially viable and therefore has not yet been built.
Lúcio Costa's original vision was to give people the right to enjoy the green
spaces. In the plan there was attempt to preserve these aspects, decorating
various green areas around residences with street furniture. Even the
footpaths are positioned inside the square just to encourage users to
switch directions in the middle of nature. The buildings are modular and
reflect the architecture of the rest of the city: the ground floor is on pilotis
and are six floors high. The different colors of the buildings act as shade and
make the residences distinguishable from each other. The square was
surrounded by regular shapes that created paths and residences, as well as
mixed-use cultural and commercial spaces (located in a series of
multi-functional skybridges).