Bachelor's degree thesis

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Jun 13, 2018 23:32
The area called "Comando" in Turin, where the Basilica del Salvatore is located (the location of this project's intervention) is between Piazza Castello and Piazza della Repubblica and is of significant historical and archaeological importance.
The enhancement project of the area includes the creation of a new museum that involves the historical artifacts in the area through connecting routes.
The outfitting project of the Basilica provides for the recovery of the archeological findings and a proposed tour route.
The route is designed to be accessible to people with limited mobility, thanks to the ramps.
The project proposes the use of a transparent walkway raised to protect the findings against wear, and to allow in the future, the possible recovery of the floor of the oldest basilica, without it being damaged.
The decking is made from glass panels, which rest on a structure formed by bracketed frames composed of pairs of flat steel rods.
The walkway is supported and raised thanks to a system of point-like supports from earth.
The transparency of the elements is designed to minimize the visual impact and provide an overhead view.