Answer to a job-related email

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Aug 1, 2018 04:54
Good morning,
I am sorry to answer now, but I have had some problems and I could return at home only now.
I've enclosed the pdf that you asked to me.
I have sent the last revit project that I made for an assigment of the BIM course that I am following. I have enclosed also the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) part, because it was one of the assignment's part, but I have never studied this sector, so it was only an exercise to training this part in Revit.

Then, I have enclosed also photos of 3D printed object that I made in the 3D printing course that I attended last year. They are very little object, because we could use a little 3D print machine, but the course it was very useful to learn how model and setup the parameters to print, and we did some tests in the same object, using various parameters (for exemple the red object in the photos).

Please, feel free to contact me if you need some other information and again, thank you for the waiting.
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