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Mar 10, 2015 03:10
I am proud to say that I have participate at the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. I was so lucky to live in Brazil in 2013, so I decided to go to Rio. It was a unique experience: every single day was so important, and it was so exciting share this moment with others young people from the all world. So much young people (and me too before) see the Mass, the Vespers, etc, as obstacles for ours amusement, but we realized that those were the essential parts to find out more about how we are and how God was really among us. I see the enthusiasm and the hope in the eyes of the others youngs,people that believe in a world full of peace, where we can break down the barriers of inequality and where don't exist anymore people who starve. I understand that we are the future and we can change the world also without much money, also if we are little points of the world, all together we can do something: we have to believe in ourself, in the others and in God. I could learn that someone can do something good for the world and the other people and culture can teach for the others that we can live happy without so much money: we have to break down the consumerism. The happiness is in ourselfs, in the family, in God, in the other people and we can get better ourselfs day by day.