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Mar 10, 2015 03:09
I expect that this experience can change me, because I can live 7 dias with other 74 different people and I can understand their culture, their problem, their world.
I want improve myself and I need to do every experience that can help me, to help the others. If I can do this experience, I want take all that I learn to bring to Italy and disseminate all the informations in my Church, in my organizations, and I can organize also a free workshop in my ex-University to talk about every people can change the world and break down the cultural barriers. I can create also a blog to talk about my experience and how them change and improve me. If I have the possibility, I want talk to the others 74 people about my culture, my past experiences, how the Italy see the others cultures and how I think we can improve.
I want learn the problems and the difficults of the others cultures, and I hope that this experience can help me to understand how I can realize my dream about travel to poor countries to help with the architecture and with my humanity.I want use all my possibility to talk about my experience (social networks -like facebook twitter- blogs, workshops, ect)