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Oct 9, 2018 18:26
Good morning,
I have talked with my coordinator and everything is allright to start the internship, but I can start only in December, if there isn't problem for you.
To start the internship, you need to register in the website of the Politecnico di Milano's career service (if there isn't a problem to start in December, I'll send you all the indications).
I would ask some information:
- When I'll start the internship, on what kind of projects can I work? (so, I can prepare before coming, for example starting to use Archicad)
- I very liked the house in the link you sending me, and I saw that it is very near from your firm. Can I move to the apartment you offer when the guy will finish his period of job?
- Is there some finacial compensation to live there?

Thank you
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