What do you know about the company?

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Nov 1, 2018 09:30
What I could know through your website and, of course, it really impressed me, are the technologically advanced, modern and innovative projects, but, in the same time you consider sustainability, environment and energy efficiency and not only the aesthetics.
I think that is very important. For example, Italy is very famous for the old monument and building.
It is fundamental preserve them and the historical context. There are some cities where you can build very modern building, for example in Milan.
In the big city of Milan exists the City Life area, a very innovative and efficient district, near the old city. I consider it, a very interesting project, because it preserved the old city, but in the same time, it has created a modern area with advanced building, redeveloping the abandoned old Fiera center.
So, at the same way, I believe that your company works hard to research in every project, the balance between the context, the environment, the sustainability, the well-being conditions.
I could appreciate it in the project in Li Tak Street or Beijing CBD Office Development. In this project I saw the attention focused for example in the design using vegetation inside and outside.