Business trip in Beijing and the global competition

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Oct 3, 2010 17:35
I had a business trip for software training in Beijing from July 11th to

17th 2010. As we all know going abroad can always refresh our mind, so I

considered it was a great opportunity to open my eyes to the world. With two of

our main competitors, it was four-day training in the office receiving the

information from a teacher Shou Li, a Chinese with Ph.D degree in Georgia

University. When I stayed in the office, I suddenly realized that everyone can’t

ever succeed without four major elements. The first is computer skill, since the

world has been linked through the internet, it obviously becomes flat. Wherever I

stay, I can easily contact anyone who is from different countries, take myself as

an instance, if I go on a trip in China, I’m still able to take an English course

from using computer, all I have to do is to plug-in the microphone and earphone,

listen to the teacher then start a conversation. It can’t be easier unless you

can’t recognize the words behind a screen. Second, communication skill should be

taken as a serious subject, it’s no doubt to have a language to be part of it.

Base on the international language platform which is absolutely English, we must

erase the conversation gap from country to country. Since Taiwan exports a

lot,it’s quite simple to talk to a foreigner, not to mention who is from

mainland China which cooperates with as tightly, for this reason, to respect their

opinion is a wise thing to do for processing smoothly. Third is management. There

are three managements should be taken into consideration, first of all is

emotional management. People do agree that health goes ahead than anything, in

that situation, to keep the emotion stable is the element to have the health well.

But during the working time, it’s hard to skip a person who fights for the point

of view and temper turns bad in the middle of time without sense. When I find out

I’m going crazy, I’ll go find a peaceful place to regulate my frequency to a

desired one. Second of all is knowledge management, to receive information from

the internet is a piece of cake to do, in addition, categorize then memorize it

can save a lot of time. Drawing can help you doing such things faster because

people are able to remember things quickly from a painting. Third of all would be

people management, when you face difficulties from the daily lives, looking for

friends to lean on will be the first choice. It’s always the safest and best way

to have them to let problems solved. In the conclusion, computer skill and

communication skill and managements are crucial. All in all, never forget to

enhance the ability of learning new things to transform into a better man and most

of all to be globally competitive.

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